Camera – check

Batteries – check

Memory cards – check

Lights – check

Proper, comfortable, flexible attire – ehhhh…?

I’m guessing you’re here because you’re wondering what to wear to film or photograph a wedding. And I’m guessing you’re looking for answers. I truly hope I can help point you in the right direction and at least give you some options. I’m not getting any endorsements from any of these items, I just really believe they’re great for shooting a wedding in and wanted to share!

I will preface by saying I am by no means a fashionista. Most days you’ll find me wearing norts (Nike shorts, anyone?) and a good worn in t-shirt, because #momlife. When it comes to 95% of my wardrobe, it must be a) comfortable b) affordable c) easy to wash d) cute-ish [I’m aware t-shirts and norts aren’t that adorable on a 30 year old woman]. Anyway, when it came to filming weddings, my guidelines for my attire weren’t much different. However, I started to feel like maybe I shouldn’t always wear my black Nike tennis shoes to weddings :/

So I started my quest to find something that I felt confident, comfortable and sort of stylish in and wasn’t going to break the bank. When it comes to my style, I definitely tend to lean toward simple basics in neutral colors. I own like 5 things that are patterned. I like things that are classic and timeless and won’t be out of style by the time next season rolls around. So that’s another good rule I go by, too. (Just for reference, Joanna Gaines is basically my fashion icon.)

kaci copeland wedding videographer outfit

My first step was to find a good pair of shoes and build my outfit from there. I posted an Instagram question calling all fellow videographers and photographers to give me their favorite shoe recommendations for shooting weddings in. After some recommendations came in, I started doing some research and I finally found a shoe that is a) my style b) versatile c) not over my budget…and behold, the Born Sevier Sandal! Seriously, so comfortable and super cute. (I got these on sale for $89.)

Next step – find some pants/bottoms that work with the shoes. I am all about athletic attire, so of course my first thought was to search for something that fit that bill. I started browsing on lululemon’s site and found some pants that I thought would be perfect. Let me also say here that I don’t own one single thing from lululemon because it breaks one of my rules – affordability. I know many people swear by their brand and say it lasts forever but I just can’t bring myself to spend $100 on a pair of athletic pants. So I moved on. I stumbled upon Gap’s website and found these GapFit Studio Track Pants that are nearly identical to the lululemon ones I was eyeing. Much more affordable and just as cute and simple! And they are perfect for hot weather because they are so incredibly breathable. Bingo! (Also, when I bought these, they were running a sale and I got them for $35!)

Now the easy part was finding a shirt to go with the rest of my outfit. Did I mention I like basics? I went to Kohl’s because I had some of that amazing Kohl’s cash and found a super simple, comfortable and lightweight, high-neck black flowy tank that cost $13. Now my outfit was complete!

My Overall Review of the Whole Outfit

It is super comfortable. I can move around, bend, squat, kneel, do cartwheels, etc. in this outfit. It’s cool enough to wear in the middle of a hot Kentucky summer wedding or I can add a cute cardigan to wear with it on a chilly fall evening.

It covers everything. Let’s be real here – when I’m squatting, bending, whatever I must do to get. that. shot. I can’t be worrying about an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

It’s overall affordable. Now I know, $90 for shoes isn’t the most affordable thing out there. But I feel like a good pair of shoes is more of a long-term investment. I know I will get good use out of them and they are real leather so they should hold up better. Also, I know how much it matters to have a good pair of comfortable shoes to stand in all day so I’m willing to spend a little more here.

It’s stylish, at least by my terms 😉 In my opinion, this outfit is versatile enough to wear to a casual backyard wedding or a more upscale hotel wedding. I would feel confident in this in either scenario. I’m well aware that it’s not black tie fancy. But if I’m being hired to capture a couple’s wedding day, I don’t want to have to question if my outfit allows me to move around freely enough (and modestly enough) to do so.

I am confident that this outfit will allow me to move as I need to, keep me cool and comfortable and not stick out in a crowd too much. I’ll also add that I had considered trying to find a comfortable dress to wear to film weddings and basically as quickly as I had that thought, I dismissed that thought. I literally run back and forth doing things on wedding days, wade through weeds and tall grass and sometimes have to move furniture, so really the last thing I want to be doing that in is a dress. I’ll save those for church and date nights.

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